Stonehaven, located at the southern tip of the Dragonwall Mountains, is home to the Supreme Atheneum Library, a massive collection of books and tomes. It’s specialty is the historical relevance of the Arcane: It’s schools, artifacts and uses throughout the ages. It is the center of scholarly learning in Vramora.

Population: 39,291 Adults
Size: 255.37 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre):153.86 Adults/Acre
Races: Dwarf (30,652); Human (3,536); Halfling (1,964); Elf (1,178); Gnome (785); Half Elf (392); Half Orc (392); Other (392)

Architecture/Layout: Stonehaven is built onto a large rounded hill that nestles up against the southern tip of the Dragonwall Mountains. The architecture is of human origin but with a heavy dwarven influence…and due to its proximity to the mountains, has considerably more stone in its building than timber. The buildings rarely exceed a height of more than 2-3 stories, the most lavish and wealthy estates sprawl across large properties rather than pushing upward. The larger buildings are at the top and the size of the individual structures diminish as you travel down the hill. This gives Stonehaven the impression of an egg that has been cracked on the top of the hill and the city seems to ooze from the top down. The yolk of that imaginary egg is the Supreme Atheneum Library, a grand, stern cathedral-like building that looks out over the rest of city from atop the hill, dwarfing every other building in Stonehaven. The library is of Dwarven construction, made of large, heavy stone…a very sturdy building, yet ornately carved into powerful angles and imposing buttresses. The dome on top isn’t so much rounded as it is like a pyramid; the conical stacking of stone block that give a dome-like appearance from a distance, but once you get close enough can see it’s stacked construction. Overall, Stonehaven lacks a sense of vanity…instead of making their grounds and estates beautiful and ornately decorated, the wealthy and powerful citizens instead show their status with how much space their properties can occupy. Square acreage and sturdiness is more important than elegance.

Banner & Words: The Standard for Stonehaven is a silver tower on an azure field and gold saltire, their words are “Scientia sit Potentia” which means “Knowledge is Power”, showing their devotion to the scholarly understanding of the world. These words are chiseled into the archway into the Supreme Atheneum Library.coat_of_arms.png

Economy: Stonehaven’s economy relies heavily on the library. Nobles pay a hefty tuition to send their sons to study with the Grand Scholars of the Atheneum; Lords who seek to better rule their lands will often commission a Scholar to sit on their advisory board (for a fee); scholars and researchers from across Vramora pay for access to the Supreme Atheneum’s vast collection of written works…Knowledge is Power. In addition to the Supreme Atheneum, Dwarven architects and builders of Stonehaven are sought after by humans of Vramora for how well their architectural style complements that of the humans.

Imports: Produce, Wood, Textiles
Exports: Leather Goods, Architects/Construction, Stonework
Famous: Supreme Atheneum Library, knowledge
Infamous: Independence, Guarding of their knowledge,

The Supreme Atheneum
The Pilgrim’s House


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