High Pengard

High Pengard – Capital City
Population:73,973 Adults
Races: Human (57,703); Halfling (6,657); Elf (3,698); Dwarf (2,219); Gnome (1,479); Half Elf (739); Half Orc (739); Other (739)

Imports: Produce, Steel, Wood, Textiles
Exports: Barrels, Leather Goods, Fine Gemstone Jewelry, Swords
Famous: Arrows, Gambling, Night Life, Peacefulness
Infamous: Insufferable Politeness, Stringent Policing, Long lines/ques, High Taxes

The layout of High Pengard is such, that the whole city is more vertical than sprawling out horizontal. It is honeycombed with countless canals, as the city spans the delta where the Carden River meets the Vramoran Sea. An extensive network of bridges running from building to building, creating a two “layers” to the city, the “High” and “Low”. Everything that exists on the Low level has its counterparts on the High…markets, taverns, inns, shops, smiths…all of these have “high” and “low” versions. The High level tends to be wealthier, have better quality goods at their shops, more esoteric services and rarer items. The low levels are cheaper, less rare and wondrous but infinitely more practical.
Banner & Words: The Standard for Vramora is a Golden Stag on a field of Green and Silver, there words are “Callidus Virtute” which means Cunning Virtue, placing emphasis on brains over brawn, and remaining uncorrupted by power.

Economy: High Pengard has been enjoying decades of peace and prosperity. While there are still plenty of poor citizens, the economy is strong, and except for the most extremely destitute, the citizens revere their King with an almost holy reverence. King Hamish truly is a saint to the people. The Economy of High Pengard is not based in any one industry, as it is such a central seat of power and trade so it has a wide variety of industries with strong presences. From smithing and weapons, to shipping and the sale of magical items, High Pengard is where merchants of all walks go to seek their fortune.

High Pengard

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