Madame Wanderjoy

Head Mistress and Illusionist of Madame Wanderjoy's Traveling Cavalcade and Minstrel Revue


Age: 70
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Black

Madame Sylvia Wanderjoy is the matriarch of the traveling circus, Madame Wanderjoy’s Traveling Cavalcade and Minstrel Revue. She is an elderly human with dark skin, her head usually wrapped in bright silk scarves. She is husky and hunched over from years of riding on a horse-drawn carriage, but she is renowned as a master storyteller, singer and illusionist. She has a calm demeanor about her, never really spiking her emotions in either direction…great joy and great sorrow don’t look that dissimilar on her face. She has the hands of an old entertainer, the soft eyes of a grandparent and the wisdom of an ancient soothsayer. An aura of mysticism always surrounds her. She is the keystone of the circus, without whom this group would struggle to continue.

Much like the others in the circus, she is always wearing brightly colored and festive clothing…high collars, colorful vests.


Madame Wanderjoy

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