Kurgi Gemheart

Head Librarian of the Supreme Atheneum


Kurgi_Gemheart.jpgKurgi Gemheart is the surly, gruff and impatient head librarian of the Supreme Atheneum in Stonehaven. Bald headed with a many-braided white beard, his robe pockets overflow with scraps of parchment and the main directory of the entire Atheneum hangs at his side by a chain that is slung over his shoulder. The small rod he carries is a tool to help control the fey creatures of the library (it swirls with the same energy as the large crystal in the grand central chamber of The Supreme Atheneum).

He revealed to the party that he believes he is the last living Arctic Dwarf, a decendant of the Dwarves of Duli, the creators of the Eldritch Fragments of Duli.


Kurgi Gemheart

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