Doli Cotton

Contact for the Agents of Ascension, Thieves Guild in High Pengard



Race: Halfling
Height: 3’ 7"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Golden

Doli Cotton is a middle-aged Halfling, whose unsuspecting face belies his profession…he runs the desk at Hearthfire, a sundries shop in Low Town that acts a fence/front for the Agents of Ascension, High Pengards dominant Thieves Guild. He has neck length golden hair that falls in chunky waves. He is dressed rather fopishly for Low Town with a high-collared blue velvet suit with a cream vest and white silk ascot. He has long, glorious sideburns. He speaks with a surprisingly deep and forceful baritone, but his mannerisms are subtle and smooth.


Doli Cotton

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