The Known World

Map_of_Vramora_w_Star.jpgThe Known World consists of 6 continents, each with their own sovereignty, culture, and system of governance. However, over the centuries, certain kingdoms have established a more dominant position over other, and most recently with the defeat of the Necromancer Thormar, King Hamish helped to establish the Kingdom of Vramora as the seat of power in the known world. King Hamish brought the kingdoms together in a world-wide conglomeration of the capital cities/ruling systems from each Continent, called the Federated Authority, and King Hamish sits as Chancellor.

In the FA, the Chancellor’s vote counts as 2, in order to break any ties. They talk mostly about trade economics, but they will often talk about aiding each other in their own conflicts…alliances and grudges run deep.

CONTINENTs (Clockwise from Vramora)
Vramora – High Pengard (Capitol) – King Hamish (Male Human)
Sudreas – Tel Kir’ah (Capitol) – Hamza Oren (Male Sand Elf)
Spiros – Nysopoli (Capitol) – Clovia Mikos (Female High Elf)
Esovaria – Eh’toa (Capitol) – Muk’ Taroh (Male Minotaur)
Brimskogar – Oskarburg (Capitol) – Alasdair Strom (Male Dwarf)
Mapuana – Lakmuahni (Capitol) – Taanga Nepe (Female Halfling)

The Federated Authority meets at Arlcliff Citadel, a neutral stronghold on the island of Arlcliff which sits at the geographical center of the Known World. Arlcliff Citadel is a fortress built by an ancient unkown civilization which acts as an unaligned meeting place for the leaders/members of the FA to meet on even ground.

The Known World

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