High Town

c6fe9595fa820e44968e50007cd263fd.jpgHigh Town is “High” both in status and location. The upper levels of High Pengard have been commandeered by the wealthy and elite of the city, and they have lined their streets with shops that deal in fine textiles, rare goods, lavish taverns, perfumeries and other puffery deemed “unnecessary” by those in Low Town. While it is not technically “illegal” for the lower class citizens to be in High Town, the nobles and wealthy citizens have established an understanding with the city watch for them to take notice of and bounce “undesirables” from their community.

A harmless competition has lead the denizens of High Town to compete with one another to see who can build the most exotic looking buildings, so the architecture varies greatly in style…from grand and stately Tudor Mansions to open-air domed structures ringed by pillars, walking through High Town is like walking across all of Vramora. Lush Gardens spill over walled estates and down from rooftops to cover the walls below like a ball gown.

The streets are meticulously groomed and cleaned, alchemical lamps keep the streets lit at night and a faint scent of incense wafts on the breeze.

Known locations in the High Town:
The Mystic Banner Inn
The Scroll and Elm
The Dancer’s Mug Tavern

High Town

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