Crescent Harbor



A crescent moon-shaped island off the central southern coast of Vramora. Its entire economy is based on it being a hub for resupply/trade for passing merchant ships.

Architecture/Layout: The shape of the island is ideal for providing shelter for dozens of large ships at a time. It has the longest and most extensive system of piers and docks you’ve ever seen, and many groups of dockworkers are capable of roping and pulling in a ship with amazing efficiency. The city slopes upwards away from the inner harbor, ending in a tall, sheer cliff face on nearly every outer side, with a small exception on the west side of the island which is reserved as the private docks for garrison officers, the wealthier merchants, and visiting nobles. They have many supply stores, most of them geared towards nautical life: weapons for sailors (short swords, curved sabers, hand crossbows etc), sundries for long voyages (dried foods/rations, rope, spare canvas etc), clothing etc. But it is also home to a strong economy of Merchants who act as middle men to the surrounding cities/continents, so there are plenty of upscale shops/warehouses as well. Due to its economic strength, there is also a hefty royal garrison here. Pirates aren’t super common here, due to the presence of the garrison, but there are plenty of ill-reputed folk around. Taverns closer to the water are rough, the further up the hill you go, the nicer things become. This is a working man’s city, very little time/energy is spent on frivolity.

Crescent_Harborcoat_of_arms.pngBanner/Words: The Standard for Cresent Harbor is a silver crescent on an Vert field and Azure Per Fess division, and an Argent Orle Ordinary. Their words are “Nolite Confidere In Mare” which means “Trust The Sea.”

Population: Adults 24,456
Size: 204.37 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre):137.86 Adults/Acre
Races: Human (17,998); Halfling (2,538); Elf (1,410); Dwarf (846); Gnome (564); Half Elf (282); Half Orc (282); Other (282)
Famous: Port efficeincy, concentration of wealth
Infamous: very shrewd business practices, no time for fun and games

Crescent Harbor

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