Whips. Daredevil. Panther.




Stevil Knievel, a local celebrity of High Pengard for performing the most daring of stunts, was not always so highly regarded amongst his peers, nor was his name always Stevil. Barnold Tatertot was his name, a name that is cursed in Stevil’s mind. Barnold had a fairly normal childhood; he was raised as part of a middle-class family, and was afforded the opportunity to attend classes with other middle-class kids. One day in class, Barnold suffered a monumental embarrassment when he worked up the courage to ask out a beautiful girl. Barnold stood in front of her, his nerves trembling with angst. “Hello m-my lady, I was wuh-wuh-wondering…” Barnold dreaded each word that he so weakly spewed at the floor, too scared to look at her face. “…if yuh-you’d like like..” He could not contain his angst much longer, and felt as if his whole body was suddenly going to explode. “toooooo meeeeet muh-muh-meeee MEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHH!” It all happened at once. Barnold simultaneously peed, pooped, and projectile vomited all over the girls’ clothing.

The embarrassment drove Barnold into self-exile. With little will to live, Barnold wandered off into the unknown, living among the beasts of the wild, many times grazing the edges of death. With nothing left to lose, Barnold found fearlessness in the wild. Slowly, the beasts of the wild began to respect his savage intellect, and Barnold was reborn as Stevil Knievel.


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