Innkeeper of The Pilgrim's House in Stonehaven


33uwlqq.jpgBlonde, sleek hair reveals an angular, handsome but anguished face. Dancing gray eyes, set tightly within their sockets, watch intensely over the tavern. A tattoo resembling eagles talons is displayed just above the left side of his left eyebrow, its shape giving him a constant melancholy expression. His mouth is pulled downwards ever-so-slightly at the corners. He wears a sturdy cream-colored vest over a ruffled white-laced shirt, and a leather apron hangs off one shoulder. He speaks with a calculated tenor voice, the slightly higher pitch not giving him the sense of frailty or helplessness one might expect from a high-voiced male…but rather quite the opposite; it makes him more intimidating for the voice doesn’t match the experience found in his eyes.



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