Bard. Lithp.


Lanth.pngLanth the half-elf bard is from the small fishing village of Lawrenth, located on an island in the Thanctum Archipelago off the east coast of Vramora. He was raised by his mother Nanthy, a pretty, plump human and a lavish storyteller. Lanth never knew his father, but Nanthy raised him with countless tales of his father’s adventures – of Merith, the legendary elf warrior, traveling the world in search of dragons and riches and glory. Growing up Lanth loved hearing the stories. He pictured himself adventuring and fighting alongside his brave father. But as Lanth grew older he began to resent Merith for leaving his mother, and to doubt the verity of his father’s exploits. When Lanth became of age, he left Lawrenth to seek out the truth about his father and to create stories of his own.



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