King Hamish The Beloved



Height: 6’2"
Weight: 170lbs
Age: 70
Hair: Silver, kept short
Eyes: Dark Brown

Always wears armor (or elements of armor) in public. Serious but just. Stern but not malicious. A model monarch who has the love of his people.


King Hamish The Beloved is so named for the reputation he has among his people. A mighty warrior in his day, he was catapulted into fame and leadership upon his cunning defeat of the great Wizard Thormar, who threatened High Pengrove with an overwhelming army of Undead and magically tainted creatures. At great personal risk to himself, Hamish had snuck out of the besieged city and managed to locate and destroy the magical artifact that had been the source of Thormar’s power…a golden chalice embued with Dark Necrotic power. By destroying the chalice, the power of the army was destroyed, a victory that could not have been won by strength of arms. As a reflection on his emphasis on brains over brawn, upon the establishment of his rule, he made his standard bear the words: Callidus Virtute.

King Hamish The Beloved

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