The Name of The King


The group sits in silence as the weight of Kurgi’s request starts to bear down on them. As each member contemplates this fate, Stevil speaks first.

“Um…guys? I feel kinda funny….do I look ok t-GAAAAH!!!!”

Mara.pngA blinding flash of arcane energy crackles through the room, followed by a thunderous BOOOOM. Diving for cover, Lanth and Ignacio roll up and over the back of their couch As the echoes fade and their vision returns, Lanth and Ignacio, calling for Stevil, glance up over the back of their couch…only to find that Stevil had vanished! In his place crouches a very confused looking female half-elf. Mouths agape, they stare at the strange newcomer, who for the moments seems unaware of her new surroundings. Her eyes glowing a hot white, one hand outstretched as if reaching to touch touch something, the other arm bent back in front of her mouth, a gesture of surprise.

For a few seconds, the stranger doesn’t move, giving Lanth and Ignacio a moment to examine her. The greens and browns of her clothing and cloak, as well as their rough-around-the-edges state translated very obviously to a life mostly spent out of doors…but this was clearly no ranger. At her feet lay a quarterstaff, and around her neck hung a bright amulet, glowing the same hot white as her eyes. Her brown hair was settling around her, as if a strong wind was just beginning to fade.

As the occupants of the room acclimated to what had just happened, the white fades from the half-elf’s eyes, and she stands quickly letting out a sharp yelp of surprise.

“Wha….where am I?” she asked in an unfamiliar, smokey accent.

“What have you done with Thtevil?!?” growls Lanth, stepping forward slightly.

“Who? I have no idea who that is…I was just in the wilds near my home…”

After a short conversation, it slowly dawns on the group that through some arcane mishap, this half-elf who calls herself Mara has somehow travelled across the Known World from her home on the untamed continent of Esovaria. The group watches as Mara quickly gains control of her emotions, her expression of confusion and surprise melting from her face and one of collected composure takes its place.

Over the next few hours as this new reality settles on the group, they learn the following things about Mara:

  • She hails from the western wilds of Esovaria, where she lives with her mentor, a Human Wizard Vyncent, who took her in when her parents abandoned her.
  • She is a magic user
  • She has never been to a city before, the largest settlement she’s seen is the village that she and Vyncent live on the outskirts of.
  • She was sent out into the wilds by Vyncent to investigate the rumors of an unnatural tainting of the wilds near an abandoned temple…upon arrival, she found that the land had taken on an almost malicious manner…trees that were once tall and straight were gnarled and twisted, tendrils of vines seemed to be creeping towards her and nipping at her ankles etc…
  • Deep in the heart of this temple, she found an unnaturally large flower which had a strange glowing rock in the middle…this flower seemed to be from where all the strange magical energy was emanating. When she reached out to touch it, there was a strange blast of Arcane energy and she woke up in Kurgi’s office.


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